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Madness into Our Windows

Burger King gave us The Whopper, and in one of his most famous video appearances, Andy Warhol gave us this masterwork.  I’m in awe of its completeness; how it takes a single mundane situation and renders the totality of the experience with such scant explanation.  Just watching it is enough to place you in the vibe of the moment.


At The Last Estate, we constantly hunt down, absorb and cannibalize culture.  Nom nom nom.  We eat culture like Ouroboros eating itself.  Like everyone, we also scavenge from it, picking the bones (and our own scabs).


For this project I wanted to see the digestive process of the apex connoisseur, as if looking into one of those cows at Ag schools with the porthole stomachs.  Consumption voyeurism.  


I ran through the halls of the Estate late at night shouting about my idea, and lo and behold, a groggy William answered my call.  I told him that I was going to ask people to record Warhol-like “consumptive video diaries.”  I may or may not have called them that.  It doesn’t matter.  In any event, we were able to pry Karter away from crushing weird looking spiders for long enough to record a video.  


We wound up picking things for each other to consume, since food and media are always better when you serve each other.  Call it Southern hospitality.  We conducted a Secret Santa to decide who would choose what media for whom.  Karter wound up choosing the Freddi Fish games collection game for me.  William chose Vince Staples’ music video, “Prima Donna,” for Karter.  I was more cryptic and open-ended, choosing “the shittiest game on your Nintendo Switch” for William, which turned out to be Fortnite.


The goal was originally to mimic Warhol’s burger excursion.  But we’re not Andy Fucking Warhol, so it came out different.  “Not wrong,” I assured my housemates as I tipped my hat to Bloody Mary, returning the AV gear we used during filming to her mirror cosmos, “Just different.”


Video Thumbnail art by MidJourney

Rudy Johnson

Rudy makes games, co-edits Misery Tourism, and beats the hell out of walls